Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring is Comming !!!

It's hard to believe, with a picture like this, that spring is on it's way here in Illinois. Well, according to the calendar it is anyway.

The seed catalogs started arriving back in January. And, I started dreaming.  What to buy, how many to buy, and whom to buy them from. Did I need flowers for the spring? There were so many to chose from and some very pretty ones too.  Or, should I just buy what I need this year? After a month of dreaming and plotting and choosing the right seeds, I placed my order. Then I started stocking my mail man.

They have arrived;

For now I went with just the garden seeds. I have also chosen Heirloom seeds this year. I like to save seeds from year to year. And, with a lot of research I have found that Hybrid seeds don't work from year to year. The seed will eventually go sterile. Organic could be modified with fertilizers. So, I went with Heirloom. They are the closest to the plants true self that a person can get. A friend of mine has seeds that were said to be over 100 years old and still fertile. Can you imagine.

Well, soon the green house will be going up. The seeds will be planted in the warm and moist bed of potting soil. And, awakened for a new harvest of vegetables. I can almost taste that fresh cucumber, onion, or tomato.

This is last years green house.

So, even though the ground is covered in a beautiful white blanket , Soon, the earth will come alive with renewed hope for a great and wonderful harvest.


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