Saturday, September 1, 2012

And the winner of the Traveling Stash is.....

I put all the entries in one of my favorite bowls

And then had DH draw the name

The winner is......

Congratulations Sandi. She is at
and she also is at

I will be sending you an email for your address.

As much as I hate to see this box go, I'm sure it will have fun at it's next home.

Thank You everyone for coming and visiting my blog.


Friday, August 31, 2012


I will be drawing the winner of the Traveling Stash box tomorrow morning. You have until midnight tonight to enter. GOOD LUCK!!!


Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The Traveling Stash box has arrived!!!!

I feel like a kid at Christmas. Do I want this?

or maybe this?
Maybe these?

And of course I want this too...
OOPS!!! I guess I have to put some back....
I think I have choose this..
And, I'm adding these...

Now for the give away.

Leave a comment on this post if you want this box to come visit you. It is FULL of wonderful sewing and quilting treasures. And, I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I have.

You have until FRIDAY, August 31st to enter this drawing. I will draw a winner on Saturday morning.

Good Luck,


Monday, August 20, 2012


How excited am I?

Well, let me tell you. I have been following this Traveling Stash and I won one of the boxes.

There are 5 boxes in route. And, I won I visit from one of them.

This is the Rules and Guidelines;

Traveling Stash Rules & Guidelines

Hello!  :)


  1. Be an active blogger. Post about receiving and the giveaway on your blog in a timely manner.
  2. There is a note in the box that logs where the box has been. Please add your info and place the note back in the box.
  3. There is a list of Rules and Guidelines in the box. Please read and follow these and return the list to the box.
  4. You may take anything you like from the box. Just replace every item with comparable quilt shop quality items equal to the amount taken. See guidelines below.
  5. Ship the box to the next person in a reasonable amount of time.
  6. Due to the amount of postage shipping is only within the USA.

The definition of a stash is a secret store of valuables. For quilters it's a collection of usable quality products. The stash should contain mostly fabric with a few patterns and/or books and other items.
  • FABRIC:     Should be quilt shop quality in new condition. Scraps should only be included if they are cut for adding to a collection and packaged accordingly (i.e. I-Spy squares, postage stamp squares, etc.). There should not be anything under a Fat Quarter unless packaged like this.
  • PATTERNS/BOOKS:     Should be in new or gently used condition. They should be kept to a minimum (books are bulky and add weight).
  • OTHER ITEMS:     Should be in new or gently used condition. Tools, notions, etc. These items should be packaged if necessary.

  • If you receive a box with anything that is of "poor" condition you should not feel guilty in tossing it out.
  • Only put items in the box that you would be proud to own. The box is NOT a dumping place for all your outdated unwanted items.
  • Items should be free of smoke and pet hairs.
  • You must replace items you take with the same quantity of like-kind items. Replacing more than you take is always welcome.  :)  There is a guide to Pre-Cut amounts below for your reference.

  • Jelly Roll strips are 2-1/2 inches so every 10 strips is 2/3 yard (plus an inch). 30 strips is 2 yards plus 3 inches. 40 strips is 2-3/4 yards. 50 strips is 3-1/2 yards.
  • Honey Buns are 1-1/2 inches so 10 strips is just slightly under 1/3 yard. 40 strips are 1-2/3 yards.
  • Desert Rolls are 10 (5 x 45) strips or just slightly over 1-1/3 yard.
  • Turnovers are 80 (6 inch) triangles and is equal to slightly over 1 yard.
  • Charms are 5 inch squares. 40 charms is equal to 2/3 of a yard.
  • Layer Cakes are 10 inch squares. 40 layer cake squares are equal to 2-3/4 yards.
I look forward to sharing pictures and what I have chosen from the box. What I have added. And who the next winner will be. Stay Tuned!!!!

I also have been working on a new project that Missie at
offered for free a few weeks ago.
I have the pears appliqued on;

The Bird is becoming a little more challenging. But, I am up for the challenge!
The wing, a few stars, and stems on the pears.

I really think this going to be a lovely wall hanging come Christmas.Thank You Missie for sharing this.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers,

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New floppy finishes

I'm late getting started today. Had errons to run this morning.

This is what I chose for my Festive Mystrey Quilt:

I chose to add an extra solid boarder to mine. Now, I need to get it off to the quilter.

And this one that I have made this week.

This will be my new shower curtain.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Candle In The Window

I've been working on a Quilt top that is out of print. But, when I went to a local quilt store, They had several copies of it.

So, here I go. Some of these.....

And, some of these....

And, It's starting to look like this....

I'm really liking the way it's looking....
Thank You for visiting my blog,


Friday, August 3, 2012

I Hit the Jackpot

I went Garage Salling this morning. And Oh am I glad I did.

Look What I found

And this:

WOW! Did I hit the jackpot.

The quilt top is a floppy. I think I'll add a boarder to it, and, have it quilted. Just simply gorgeous!!!
The books are full of patterns. I'm sure I'll spend lots of time looking through them and dreaming of what to make this winter.


Friday, July 27, 2012

Scraps, Scraps, and more Scraps!!!

I don't like to through fabric away. I will keep just about any size scraps. Any size.

I know this is silly to some.

But, this is what I have made from some scraps and some yardage.

and this...

And I still have this.

Now what to make????


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Festive Mystrey- Post #2

Here is my lay out.

This was FUN!!!

I hope every one had as much fun as I have had making this.

Here's a finish of my flopppy

Thank You Sue and all the bloggers that shared this project.

Love, Hugs, and Prayers,

Festive Mystry Quilt

Hi Everyone.

It's been awhile. Don't have any excuses. Just slacking.

I have been sewing along with the Festive Mystry quilt group, Hosted by
Love the pattern.
Here's my picture Haven't decided on a lay out yet.  is hosting todays Mystry. Thanks Lynn.

Off to work on my layout.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's Been Busy Around Here

WOW! I forgot to post pictures of my visit to my sister's house. She has a new grand baby and what fun we had passing him around. My older sister, Patty taking her turn.

This is grandma, Judy. And she's showing what I had brought for christmas gifts. Homemade Vinilla Extract, Handmade Goat Milk Soap, Herbs from my garden, and a Quilted Table topper.

What a truely joyful time I had.

I've also been very busy in the studio. Working of  projects.

First up, a Primative- Stitchery Pattern I just fell in love with.

Then, I found this pattern on  Freda's Hive. I chose to only do one heart since it was going to be hung on my sliding door.

Last, But definately not least, I found this pattern on
I simply LOVE how this turned out.

Hope you are all having as much fun in your studios and I have been having.  Until next time.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

A primative stitshes pattern

I was looking throught the primative stitches sight and found this lovely pattern. Of course I had to embellish it. Isn't it just lovely. They have so many pretty patterns, it was really hard for me to deside.

On another note. My sisters and I haven't got to spend Christmas together yet. My youngest sisters daughter, was expecting a baby around Christmas and she didn't want to get to far from home. I don't blame her. So, tomorrow, my older sister and I are going to see our younger sister and the baby. How excitting! I'm looking forward to spending the day with them.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm beginning to like wool

I worked on this project in Dec. I really am starting to like wool projects. However, I just can't seem to get the letters/words very good yet.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WOW ! Here we go

Well, I'm new to this bloger thing. So, lets see if I can learn something. I'm open for any help or advise as I go.

I plan to post pictures of my sewing, my garden, and most definately my children.