Monday, January 26, 2015

Growing Onions in the winter

I have some onions, from last years harvest, starting to grow. So, I've been trying to use them. I also started reading some gardening, using what I have, even living off grid, blogs. I've really been educating myself and I am so thankful for these ladies.

One of these ladies shared how to save those onions that are growing so that a person can grow them this spring. I am soo excited to get this started.

I took the onion and scored down the edge; Don't cut all the way through the onion,

Next; Peel back what you have cut through

                                                   What is left, place it a small container with some water. You may have to change the water ever few days or even add some water. Once this onion gets a good root system growing, I can plant it in some soil.

                              The pieces of onion that you cut off you can eat YUMMM!!!

                                            I'm so excited to watch this onion grow. Through the winter month I get kind of homesick for the garden. So, it's nice to be able to watch something grow this time of year.

I hope every one is have a Great day,