Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Time

Today was one of our first nice spring days. So, I took advantage of the fresh air. I went for a walk and also done a little cleaning of some flower and herb beds.

My beautiful little crocus are blooming

One of my flower beds was full of leaves and some flowers needed cut back. I was also given some landscaping blocks . So, I put them were I wanted them.

This flower bed was also full of leaves, the birdbath was leaning too. This looks so much better.

The tulips seem short this year. But, soon they will be popping with color.

The garlic is up and looking pretty good too.

The tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, flowers, and herbs are doing good in the green house.

It was nice to walk around the yard and garden today. Breathing in the fresh spring air and seeing the plants waking up.



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