Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Slacking again.

I'm slacking again. But, for good reason.

I had an Uncle Pass last week. So, getting my sisters called and going to the funeral took some time.

I did however find this cute little block that I thought I'd try to make

Yep, It will be 1  1/2 inches when finished. WOW! tiny.

I made 9 of them and come up with this.

can you see my mistakes. Well, there's several. But one really stands out.

Yep, Bottom Left corner. And, I didn't even see it until I had it quilted. I guess this is my Humble Blocks.

I also put a quilt in my quilting frames.

This quilt top was made by my grandmother and now belongs to my Aunt. She has asked me to hand quilt it for her.
I haven't hand quilted in years. So, bare with me. It might take awhile.

Life at the Inn is good!!!!


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